7 Interesting Facts About Trophy Whitetail Hunts

For an exciting outdoor adventure, consider trophy whitetail hunts. Hunting trips usually involve getting to the great outdoors, hiking through the woods and camping in a cabin with the guys. Trophy whitetail hunts can also be rewarding, not only for the venison, but also for the memories you will take home with you. Here are seven interesting facts about trophy whitetail hunts.

1. There are various weapons available to the deer hunter: bows, crossbows, handguns, shotguns, and muzzleloaders. Continue reading 7 Interesting Facts About Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Top 10 Northern California Hiking Trails

Some of the best hiking in the world is along California hiking trails. Visit the many hiking trails in southern California to experience awesome scenery and natural beauty.

1. Deep Creek – This hike features a cluster of natural hot springs in the high desert. One of the most unique California hiking trails, Deep Creek trail requires a gradual six mile hike. The hot spring water is clear and averages 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading Top 10 Northern California Hiking Trails

Top 10 Phoenix Golf Courses

If you have never golfed in a desert setting, you really should check out the many Phoenix golf courses. These Arizona golf courses offer year-around sunshine, beautiful desert scenery, and challenging golf terrain. The green of the fairways is contrasted with the reds and browns of the adjacent mountains and canyons. Like Las Vegas golf courses, Phoenix golf courses are also usually connected with resorts. Phoenix golf resorts are some of the finest in the world, offering a full range of luxurious amenities. Here are just a few of the best Phoenix golf courses. Continue reading Top 10 Phoenix Golf Courses

Top 10 Items on Trout Fishing Gear List

To catch trout you need the right trout fishing gear. Trout fishing in America is very popular, particularly in northern climates where there are cool, clear waters. Here are the top ten items to include in your trout fishing gear list.

1. Fishing rigs – In small streams an ultra-light fishing rod between four and five feet is appropriate. The reel should include an exposed spool at the front of the reel. Rods and reels can be purchased separately or together in one package. In larger streams a six- to seven-foot rod works best. Continue reading Top 10 Items on Trout Fishing Gear List