Tennis Backhand Technique Steps

If you are trying to get your backhand game together, it is important to understand the basic steps associated with tennis. Tennis lesson plans tend to incorporate drills that seek to improve one’s tennis backhand technique and tennis forehand technique. When learning the particular techniques, it helps to have as many practice tennis balls Continue reading Tennis Backhand Technique Steps

Tennis Forehand Technique Tips

Tennis forehand technique tips can be very beneficial if your forehand strokes are not making it over the net or landing where you want them to. Your position is important, and you should be close to the center line of the court and have your feet set shoulder width apart. Tennis strokes can be executed in a number of ways, and this is true with the forehand stroke as well. There is no one technique which is perfect, and each player may use a slightly different method and stance. Tennis forehand technique tips can help you execute this move better though, by giving helpful hints that can improve your results. Continue reading Tennis Forehand Technique Tips

Tennis Racket Covers Review

Tennis racket covers are covers which help to protect the racket from damage and keep any dirt and debris off it. Protecting the grid of the racket is essential, and a cover does this. There are just as many types of covers available as there are tennis rackets for sale, probably even more. All of the top tennis manufacturers offer these protective accessories, and you can also arrange to have them custom made as well. Continue reading Tennis Racket Covers Review

Wilson Tennis Rackets Review

Wilson tennis rackets are one of the best, and this company is one that has been trusted for this sports equipment for many years. Whether you want performance, control, or power, you will find rackets perfect for this purpose at Wilson. There are kids tennis rackets, with cartoon characters and colorful designs combined with excellent function and performance, as well as models geared towards the professional tennis player. Continue reading Wilson Tennis Rackets Review

Kids Tennis Rackets Review

Kids tennis rackets can be found in many different sizes, prices, and looks, and the right racket will depend on the specific child. There are a number of manufacturers who offer high quality junior tennis rackets for sale at reasonable prices, including Wilson, Junior, MacGregor, Prince, Head, and others. You will find many different sizes in kids tennis rackets, with the smallest being twenty one inches usually and intended for children who may be as young as four years old. Continue reading Kids Tennis Rackets Review