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Cross Country Ski Poles Sizing – How To Choose?

Cross Country Ski Poles

Cross country ski poles are great tools for those trekking up the side of the mountain or navigating turns. Choosing the correct ski pole size is important as it will make a skiers’ job that much easier.

The first step is finding cross country ski poles that fit your size.

Best Downhill Skis – Top 10 Choices!

Downhill Skis

Downhill skiing provides an exhilarating experience. As with any activity, choosing the correct equipment ensures you’ll remain safe.

Downhill skis come in a variety of sizes and types. The first step to determining which downhill skis you need is based on terrain type.

Vermont Ski Packages – 5 Secrets How To Save on Them!

Vermont Ski Packages

Vermont ski packages are a great way to enjoy the breathtaking sights and some of the best skiing on the East Coast. For those looking to enjoy winter sports but also want affordable options, here are some tips.

Whistler Ski Resort – Top 10 Things To Try!

Whistler Ski Resort

Whistler ski resort is one of the top places to ski. With beautiful scenery, ample activities for guests to enjoy and different ski equipment packages to choose from, visitors will love all there is to do at Whistler ski resort.

For those looking for Whistler ski packages, they have several different options.

Downhill Ski Poles Review- What Are the Best Brands?

Downhill Ski Poles

Skip poles provide many different functions. Cross country ski poles help skiers climb mountains where as downhill ski poles can help the rider navigate turns. For those looking for downhill ski poles, here are some tips to consider before buying.

The first aspect to determine is what type of terrain you’ll be skiing on helping you see what accessories you may need.

Ski Boot Size Chart – How To Use It?

Ski Boots

A ski boot size chart is a great resource for individuals looking to buy ski boots. Here are some tips to ensure skiers correctly use the size chart.

For starters, ski boots fit differently than regular shoes. It takes a while for your feet to adjust into the boots. This may make sizing difficult as a skier’s heel will slowly fit into the boot pocket.

Top 10 Downhill Ski Boots

Downhill Ski Boots

1. Full Tilt Soul Sister Ski Boots – These downhill ski boots are the top of the line in women’s boots, and they offer comfort, power, flex, and performance. They will cost around five hundred dollars, but this is a small price for what they offer in return.

2. Dalbello Sports Krypton Lotus Ski Boots – These boots will work well with almost any downhill ski poles, and they are one of the top boots for women in this category.

Ski Pole Baskets Replacement Tips

Ski Pole Baskets

Ski pole baskets are located at the bottom of your ski pole, and it is common for this part to break or become damaged and need to be replaced. This can be done very easily when you are aware of some of the tips that can help make this process quick and simple. Whether you have Leki ski poles or another type you can use the same replacement baskets, because they are normally universal. When replacing ski pole baskets hot water can make a quick job of this project.

Top 10 Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado Ski Resorts

1. Steamboat Springs- One of the top ten Colorado ski resorts is Steamboat Springs. You will find soft powder that is knee deep on most days, and the trails are challenging to say the least. Private instruction and other amenities can also be found here.

2. Vail- The Vail Colorado ski resort is one of the best known in the world, and people travel from around the globe to ski at Vail. The snow is always exceptional

Top 10 Vermont Ski Resorts

Vermont Ski Resorts

1. Okemo Mountain Resort- One of the top Vermont ski resorts, Okemo Mountain features snow that is high quality and plenty of it. This resort offers many amenities and luxuries, as well as fantastic terrain to ski across.

2. The Mountain Top Resort- This Killington Vermont ski resort is one of the most popular, and it is no surprise that it made the top ten list.