Chicago Yacht Club Race To Mackinac

Chicago Yacht Club Race To Mackinac Review

The Chicago yacht club race to Mackinac is an annual event that is the oldest sailing event involving freshwater distance racing around the globe. This race is a grueling three hundred and thirty three miles, and is commonly referred to by sailors as the Mac. The Chicago yacht club hosts this annual race, and the starting point is the Chicago Lighthouse, which is situated close to Navy Pier. The Chicago yacht club race to Mackinac is an event that draws yachts from countries all around the world, and it has been held on an annual basis since the year 1908.

The racing yachts that take part in this race number in the hundreds, and the race has an enormous following. In recent years the Chicago yacht club race to Mackinac has been followed by thousands of fans thanks to Twitter and Facebook. The fastest time that this trip was ever completed in the race was nineteen hours, and it will usually take a contestant between forty and sixty hours to arrive at the finish line in Mackinac Island, Michigan. The race travels across Lake Michigan, and it is considered an amateur race and not a professional event. This does not stop some of the best and most talented sailors from around the world from competing in the event. Sailing yacht charter boats race through the entire trip, and will arrive continuously over a twenty to thirty hour period.

The Chicago yacht club race to Mackinac is a major event for sailors and spectators both. You will see a wide variety of boats and yachts competing. Many of the competitors will have fiberglass boats, but you may notice some wooden models as well in some years. In 2010 the event took place in the middle of July, and it is held roughly the same time each year when the weather is nice. The race is presented by the Veuve Clicquot, and involves some well known names in the sailing and racing world each year as well as some little known sailors.