Climbing Carabiners

Climbing Carabiners Cheap – Top 10 Online Stores!

Before you go searching for climbing carabiners, we should learn what they are exactly and how they work.

What Is A Carabiner

A carabiner is an important piece of a rock climbing gear. It is a lightweight metal loop with a spring type of hinge that closes in place automatically. It is used in activities that involve using rope from mountain climbing rope to rope holding up a person that is washing windows on a high-rise building. They are used to join rope to gear that a person is wearing.

Climbing carabiners come in a few different shapes such as oval, round, an S shape and a D shape. They also come in different sizes from mini carabiners to carabiners that are over 3 ounces.

Which One To Use

The mountain climbing equipment experts say to use locking HMS climbing carabiners on crucial placements, especially if you are a newbie. They also say to avoid backclipping where the climbing rope is pulled front to back. Always pull your rope back to front through a locking carabiner. The rock climbing experts also state to have the climbing carabiners facing in the opposite direction to which you are climbing, otherwise they can come undone.

Top 10 Online Stores For Carabiners

Here is a list of top 10 online stores that carry the Mad Rock Ultra Tech HMS screwgate locking carabiners and the Spyder Manufacturing Climb Right triple locking carabiner at reasonable prices.

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10. And, at Ebay for $9.95 as well.

Amazon also has the more expensive Kong HMS 3 Stage Auto Lock Polished Carabiner that is capable of holding a heavier load. But remember, you are going to need at least 8 carabiners. It is suggested to use the steel ones because the aluminum ones wears out fast. In closing, we have learned that carabiners are just as important to a climber as is the rest of the equipment.