Cross Country Ski Poles Sizing – How To Choose?

Cross Country Ski Poles

Cross country ski poles are great tools for those trekking up the side of the mountain or navigating turns. Choosing the correct ski pole size is important as it will make a skiers’ job that much easier.

The first step is finding cross country ski poles that fit your size. According to REI’s website you do this by standing in your ski boots with the poles upside down touching the ground. You then grab the underside of the ski pole baskets so the top of your thumbs reach the basket. If your elbow is straight, it is the right pole.

Along with regular cross country ski poles, many ski shops offer telescoping poles. These are versatile poles that skiers can use to climb mountains or race down hill. The key to these is the adjustable poles that can be lengthened for uphill climbs and shortened for downhill jaunts.

If you decide to buy a telescoping pole, correct sizing is also important. These need to be adjusted at waist height, and go up to a skier’s armpit for striding.

Other factors skiers want to consider when buying cross country ski poles is the type of terrain you’ll ski on. Knowing the correct type of terrain is good as skiers will want to use a bigger basket on powder snow and a smaller one for slicker trails.

Another important factor to consider is the weight of the ski pole. Ski poles should be lightweight. This makes it easier for the skier to handle the poles in tougher conditions.

One of the best brands to buy is Leki ski poles. Leki has a reputation for being the leading manufacturer of skiing equipment. With them, skiers will receive top of the line technology that will make their ride easier.

Skiers can find cross country ski poles at ski resorts, sporting good stores and online retailers. Skiers will also be able to buy other skiing accessories such as Alpine ski poles and Scott ski poles.

By following this guide skiers will know what they are looking for when picking out a cross country pole. This will make skiing easier and more enjoyable.

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