Custom Soccer Balls Pros And Cons

Custom Soccer Balls

You can design custom soccer balls based on your specification, playing level, age or environment. Customized soccer balls can include your team or organization’s imprint, be made in a variety of styles, and you can select sizes based on league regulations. Like any custom item, there are pros and cons for custom soccer balls.

Pros: Let’s start with the pros. For one, custom soccer balls give you the freedom to promote your team or league. If you were playing in an indoor league, you could purchase indoor soccer balls because they are suited more for this environment. Now say you wanted to add your team’s logo or league symbol onto the ball, using custom soccer balls gives you the opportunity to do so. The same applies to outdoor leagues.

Additionally, it’s convenient to purchase custom balls.

Many websites have soccer balls for sale. Sites such as allow you to pick out the size and style of the ball and for a nominal fee add your team or league’s logo to the ball. These can also make great gifts for any soccer fan as the site allows you to add personalization to balls, such as name and jersey number. You could also customize mini soccer balls on, which is great for youths just getting started in soccer.

Cons: Conversely, there are some drawbacks. For one, by customizing you’re adding an additional expense. While many websites and sporting good stores will allow you to design the soccer ball you want, it usually comes with an additional fee. If you’re looking to buy one ball, it might not be a big deal. However, if you are buying a bag of balls the cost can add up quickly.

Similarly, many leagues may not allow personalized soccer balls. While it may be a great tool for recreational purposes, your league may provide their own balls. If they do, it’s also important that you are using the size and style the league has so there isn’t a transition period when league starts.

Ultimately, if you are mindful of your current league’s rules and you don’t mind the added expense, customizing a soccer ball is a great and personal way to enjoy the sport with the ones you love.

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