Dumbbell Sets for Women: Pros and Cons

Dumbbell Sets

Dumbbell sets provide a convenient way to work out at home. And since women often feel self-conscious at gyms that are dominated by muscle-bound men, dumbbells are an attractive option for women to include in their weight lifting routines. Dumbbell sets for women often come with comfortable handles with smaller grips. This makes bodybuilding with dumbbells more safe and enjoyable for women. Dumbbell sets for women also come in a variety of colors and usually include lighter weight dumbbells that are easier to lift. The dumbbell is often the most popular piece of weight lifting equipment for women.

There are three basic types of dumbbells:

1. Adjustable dumbbells – An adjustable dumbbell consists of a metal bar on which the weights are secured. The metal bar usually has a knurled, machined surface in the middle of the bar to improve grip. Attached to each end of the metal bar are the weight disks. The disks come in various weights which allow the dumbbell to be adjustable. Multiple weight disks can be put on each end to create numerous weight combinations. The weight disks are held on each end by a spring lock collar or large screw-on nut. It is important to have symmetric weights on the dumbbell so the bar remains in balance while being used.

2. Fixed weight dumbbells – Fixed weight dumbbells are not adjustable. They are typically made from cast iron with a plastic or rubber coating. Alternatively, fixed weight dumbbells can be made with a hard plastic shell that is filled with sand or concrete.

3. Selectable weight dumbbells – These dumbbells’ weights are changed mechanically by moving a selector pin or turning a dial. This makes it very easy to change weights between exercises. Selectable weight dumbbells often come with storage racks or stands.

Dumbbell sets are often used with weight benches. They can also be used in a standing position or on a chair. However they’re used, dumbbell sets are a good option for women bodybuilders.

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