Elk Hunting Trips

Elk Hunting Trips Review

Elk hunting trips can be some of the most memorable hunting trips you can take. Guided elk hunts usually involved traveling on horseback into remote areas and establishing a hunting camp. From there, elk hunters may hike four to five hours per day in search of prize elk. Elk hunters must be in good physical condition, not only due to lengthy hikes, but for hiking in high altitudes such as Colorado elk hunting. Most elk hunting trips do not guarantee that you will harvest an elk during your hunting trip. But even if you are unable to bag the big prize, you will have an enjoyable adventure hiking, camping, and roughing it with your hunting buddies.

Before embarking on elk hunting trips, consider purchasing an elk hunting rifle. There are many considerations for purchasing this special type of hunting rifle. First, consider the caliber. The most popular caliber for rifles on elk hunting trips are .270, .308, .30-06 and the .338 magnum. Remember – it is not just the speed of the bullet that takes down an elk, it is the combination of weight and speed. Another consideration for elk hunting rifles is the bolt action. Bolt action rifles are the most reliable and accurate. The choice of rifle stock is also important. A rifle stock made of synthetic material usually means the elk rifle is lighter and less sensitive to weather changes. Finally, top your elk rifle off with a powerful scope. A high quality elk rifle makes elk hunting trips more productive and enjoyable.

The elk is one of the largest types of deer in the world in addition to being one of the biggest land animals in North America. The elk habitat is usually forest and forest edges. Elk feed on leaves, grasses, plants and the bark of trees. Male elk have very large antlers which they shed each year. Male elk also participate in annual mating rituals including bugling, a loud sequence of vocalizations to establish dominance over other male elk in the area.

Elk hunting trips, especially New Mexico elk hunting trips, are a great way to get out in the great outdoors and see beautiful scenery while enjoying the excitement of the hunt.