Enjoi Skateboard Decks

Enjoi Skateboard Decks – New Generation of Decks!

Enjoi skateboard decks are arguably the most visually appealing skateboard decks available on the market. Enjoi skateboard decks usually feature the company’s logo, a panda bear and other colorful and creative graphics. Enjoi skateboard decks use epoxy for a lighter yet tougher deck. This allows the skateboard to endure more rough landings while retaining a better-than-average amount of pop.

The Enjoi Company was originally led by pro skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson. When Marc Johnson left, Connor Bow took over and enlisted the help of Thomas Stringer, a childhood friend of Bow’s. Enjoi is now owned by Dwindle Distribution which, in turn, is owned by Globe International.

The Enjoi website features numerous skateboard decks along with T-shirts, Enjoi hats, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, Enjoi jeans, polo shirts, Enjoi hoodies, and backpacks. The Enjoi website is more focused on entertainment than selling. A catalog with Enjoi products is buried under the Catalog tab, so purchasing Enjoi complete skateboards and Enjoi skateboard decks is best done using skateboarding warehouse websites. There you will find products and prices, categorized by product line.

Enjoi sponsors several pro riders, including Jerry Hsu, Timmy Moran, Brian Kroupa, Wieger Van Wageningen, Jose Rojo, Nestor Judkins, Radu Gheorghe, Cairo Foster, Ben Raemers, Clark Hassler, Louie Barletta and Caswell Berry.

Enjoi skateboards are much like Alien Workshop skateboards: well constructed, durable, and full of colorful and humorous graphics. Get out and enjoy your ride!