Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoy Flaunting Some Flips With Enjoi Skateboards!

Enjoi is a popular brand of skateboard decks and is the brainchild of Mark Johnson, a popular professional skateboarder. This is just one of the 6 brands owned by Dwindle Distribution, a skateboard company based in El Segundo, California. Currently, Enjoi is composed of a team of professional skateboarders that include Jose Rojo, Jerry Hsu, Zachary Greene, Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, Cairo Foster and Jason Adams.

Enjoi skateboards are definitely made to last. They are made of high-quality materials and resin. Their solid construction makes them durable for frequent use. You may have worn out its tail, but this deck can still give you that elevation that you need for your ollies. Credit that to the 7-ply epoxies that gives the board a tougher finish than the average ones around. An Enjoi skateboard deck just stubbornly refuses to be abused!

What is even better is that Enjoi decks have the coolest graphic designs in the market today. No one is actually dull in appearance. If you love colors, you will definitely like how Enjoi uses and combines colors for fun. Moreover, not only are they very colorful, they also have hundreds of cool designs that you can choose from. Love animals? Then get yourself a skateboard deck with a panda design on it! They have other unique and asymmetrical designs that skateboarder freaks will surely love. Faces, texts, animals are just some of the favorite themes painted on these decks. Browse their latest 2012 online catalog and check out the new designs they have this year.

Aside from design variations, Enjoi skateboard decks also vary in sizes. These boards range from 7 to 10 inches in width. That is just more space for your feet! Standard decks that are available in the market today only give 7.5 to 8 inches of width. A wider deck is recommended for those who are into bowl and vert skating. It will definitely provide the stability needed to carry out different tricks. As for the length, Enjoi skateboard decks range from 28 to 33 inches.

One more thing that you will also love about Enjoi skateboards is their shape. Although they are thin on the side, they boast that great deep concave. Such concave allows you to take full control whenever you maneuver. It is great for doing some nice flips. Enjoi decks also have that big tails and noses that help you do your tricks flawlessly. With that nice conclave plus huge noses and tails, you will surely get that nice pop that everybody wants!

Whether you’re a pro, an intermediate, or a newbie in deck hopping and flipping, there is always an Enjoi skateboard deck that is just right for you. These boards’ solid built and cool designs just make them so appealing to many. Whether you are learning new tricks, playing in a competition, or cruising around, you just simply cannot resist riding on these decks! Go match your deck with some cool apparel to wear also from Enjoi!