Fiberglass Boats

Fiberglass Boats vs Aluminum Boats vs Wood Boats

When you decide to buy a boat, you’ll be bombarded with different types available. While experts such as yacht builders can help you learn about what type of boats might be better, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks to each.

Let’s start with aluminum boats. Many people enjoy aluminum because its lighter weight traditionally. This in turn makes it easier to maneuver in the open water. With that said, many manufacturers are beginning to use heavier aluminum. So, when you compare its weight to fiberglass boats, you may not notice much of a difference.

Also, while boats made of aluminum are cheaper than fiberglass boats, they do have some drawbacks. For one, while they are more durable they are still susceptible to damage easily. Rivets can cause leaks rather easily over time when not addressed. Another drawback is its temperature. When it’s cold out they will conduct the temperature much quicker thereby leading to a colder boat. This type may also be more prone to boat gelcoat repair as the material is not as stout as what you would find on other boats.

Meanwhile, fiberglass boats have many benefits. They are heavier than other boats, which makes for a smoother ride. The design is better as the hulls are more efficient. This also makes it easier to control when there is windy conditions. Another good benefit is its versatility. The fiberglass material makes it easier to customize to any shape.

Lastly, wood boats are great for those who like to do much maintenance. While they offer a smooth ride and lightweight design, wood rots over time. This means you’ll have to replace boards frequently. Therefore, unless you are willing to spend much time working on your boat, wood is not the material for you.

If you decide to buy fiberglass boats, you can find local dealerships several ways. You’ll find these dealerships online through a Google search or in your YellowPages. Along with boats, they offer services such as fiberglass boat restoration and fiberglass boat building.