Field Hockey Equipment

Field Hockey Equipment List and Places To Buy

Deciding on the best type of field hockey equipment is a very important item to consider when learning the game of field hockey.

Field hockey equipment includes field hockey sticks, a ball or puck, shin guards and cleats, also known as a type of field hockey shoes. It is also recommended that field hockey players also purchase field hockey gear including specific apparatus for offense as well as field hockey goalie equipment; and field hockey bags to hold the items in. In some areas where field hockey is played, certain players will wear eye masks, which allow them to protect themselves should the game get out of hand. While field hockey is considered to be very safe, safeguarding oneself in any sport is always a good option. Another type of item that is suggested for field hockey players are field hockey gloves to wear during the game. The game also has certain types of field hockey apparel that may be appealing such as hoodies, shirts and pants designed specifically for the game.

The question becomes, where should field hockey items be purchased? If you are searching for the best places to buy field hockey items, there are many online retailers that have reasonable prices on items ranging from stickers, glovers, cups, bags to mouth and shin guards. Some online retailers offer free shipping when your order reaches a certain amount. Many online retailers also sell specialty items such as goggles and goalie specific equipment for the goalie to ensure that they are best protected and agile while playing the sport of field hockey.

One of the most essential items of field hockey that needs to be considered in purchasing from any retailer is the right hockey stick. Setting a budget, narrows the field tremendously and eliminates field hockey sticks that are out of the range you want to spend. The field hockey player or parent of the field hockey player must know how they play and what type of stick best suits them. Some field hockey players opt to practice with different sizes and weights to get a better understanding of the type of field hockey stick that will work for them when they are playing the game. The most important thing to consider is to make sure that the hockey stick is comfortable to the touch.

The optimum way for players to determine what type of shoe they need is to know the type of surface they will be practicing and playing on. Many beginner field hockey players start practicing and playing on grass surfaces, so cleats are best; whereas some begin their field hockey play on turf, which requires one to wear turf shoes. Indoor surfaces often require running shoes. Cleats are known to be the shoe of field hockey, despite the fact that players cannot wear them indoors or on turf surfaces because they provide maximum grip, and allow the player to transition easily during game play. Turf shoes are lined with shields that protect the feet from injury. Running shoes do not offer the same form of support for the feet as cleats or turf shoes but can be purchased with grips. It is important for the player to try on any shoe they are considering purchasing. All field hockey shoes can be purchased online or at shoe retailers typically. In choosing shin guards and mouth guards, because of the potential for getting bruised, picking out some that protect as much as possible is the best way. In deciding upon gloves, it is important to understand that most beginners to field hockey do not wear gloves. Gloves are usually worn by advanced player, but that does not mean beginners cannot wear gloves. In fact many players who play in colder climates, do opt to wear gloves. In choosing field hockey balls, white is usually the color that is purchased for all stages of field hockey play as they are easy to handle. Many experts recommend purchasing a turf ball for practicing.

Field hockey bags are suggested, but not required. They make for a convenient game of field hockey and come in many sizes. Beginners are recommended to purchase full-coverage bags that will hold everything, while advanced field hockey players may choose to have a backpack, which can hold the essential items (everything but the stick) needed in a game of field hockey. Grip is another important item to consider in the game of field hockey. The top half of the hockey stick is lined with it. Grip is usually made of leather and makes the stick pleasant to the touch. A hockey stick usually lasts anywhere between 2 to 4 years and the grip tends to wear down quicker than the time projected for the stick to last. Field hockey players can purchase replacement grip making their hockey stick feel as good as new.