Field Hockey Goalie Equipment

Field Hockey Goalie Equipment Review

Field hockey goalie equipment involves a number of different items, and each can be found in varying price ranges and styles. As a goalie you will need a goalie stick, and these can be found from many top names. Hockey equipment bags are used to store and carry all of the necessary equipment, so that it is all stored in one place and can be transported easily and conveniently. Another required component with field hockey goalie equipment is either a protective cup or a women’s pelvic protector, depending on whether you are male or female. This equipment will protect your pelvic area and prevent any injuries.

Roller hockey goalie equipment is a little different from what is needed for field hockey, but both require neck protection and a chest protector. These items will protect your chest and prevent you from being hit in the throat by a stick or puck. Field hockey goalie equipment also requires a helmet, and even players who are not goalies must wear this gear to prevent any head and brain injury during the game. Custom hockey jerseys and goalie pants will make up your uniform, and your jersey should identify your player number and last name on the back in lettering which is very visible.

Field hockey rules also require the goalie to wear hand protection, and this includes a catching glove and a blocker glove. These gloves can be purchased individually or as a set, depending on your preference and budget. Field hockey goalie equipment also needs to include leg guards and kickers, as well as various types of pads that are used to cushion any falls or blows. You will usually not require as many pads as ice hockey goalie equipment does, but some padding is still necessary if you do not want to suffer injuries. Mouth guards are also mandatory, to avoid any tooth damage, mouth injury, or even tooth loss.