Funny Cars Drag Racing

Funny Cars Drag Racing Review

Funny cars drag racing started in the 1960s as a variant of regular drag racing. Drag racing grew in popularity after World War II and involves a race between two cars on a straight track, usually a quarter mile long. Since the dragsters go so fast, drag races can be over in a matter of seconds and finishing speeds can be over 300 miles per hour. Some drag cars go so fast that they require a parachute to slow down.

The history of drag racing started when Wally Parks organized the Southern California Timing Association in 1947. The Santa Ana Drags, the first drag strip, was based on an airfield in Southern California.

Funny cars drag racing starts with a burnout. This lays down a patch of fresh rubber on the starting area and also heats up the tires so they get better traction. After the burnout, the drag racer advances into the staging area, where the dragster inches up to the start line. A series of lights, called a Christmas tree, provides a start indicator for the racers.

Funny cars drag racing is also something you can do inside your house, if you have a slot car drag racing track and cars. Slot cars are miniature powered race cars that are guided by slots or grooves in a track. Slot cars are usually based on actual cars or race cars and are built to a 1:24 scale. Slot car racing is a great way to enjoy car racing for kids since the entire family can take part in the racing excitement.

Another way for kids to enjoy the thrill of racing is monster truck racing games which can be played on a game console, such as an X-box, or on the home computer. Like funny cars drag racing, monster truck racing games can also be multi-player with other members of the family or over the internet with players from all over the world.