Girls Field Hockey vs Boys Field Hockey

Girls Field Hockey

Field hockey is a team game that both boys and girls can play. Learning how to play field hockey and comprehending the field hockey rules is something that has to be done whether its girls field hockey rules or rules that are being used for boys field hockey. It is crucial that the girls understand how the game of field hockey is played. Field hockey is set-up based on the decisions of the field hockey coach for the girls playing. The coach helps to instruct the girls on how to best play. This can happen in a regular field hockey game or at girls field hockey camps. Typical field hockey play includes four lines of positions in field hockey: forward, midfield, defense and the goalie. Within these particular areas, the players can participate in either left, right or center location with a varying format decided upon by coach. The girls field hockey players must comprehend all field hockey positions. The same set of rules is used as in regular field hockey.

Here are some girls field hockey rules.

  1. Start the game at the half line. The ball will be placed in the midfield circle with a player passing the ball to a teammate with a back-pass. The participant that passes the ball into play cannot handle until another player touches it.
  2. When the ball is put into play with a particular pass, if it should go out of bounds. If the ball passes over the end line where the goal is, it is put into play in either the corner of the field or at the sideline by an offensive player.
  3. A person is used to put the ball into play when play has ceased due to many penalties from each team. To put the ball into play, two players from each team put the ball between them and they hit the ground at the same time, and then hit sticks above the ball. This should be repeated three times. This step is why it is important for the female field hockey player to have the right girls field hockey equipment when playing. This particular step is also performed during girls’ field hockey practice in the form of girls’ field hockey drills.
  4. In the game of field hockey, the aim is to score as many goals as one can. A goal is scored when the player scores within the goal. It is important to apprehend that field hockey is unique in that there is no offside and no individual participating in the game can use their body to move the ball.

Finding the best sport to enroll your child in is important. If a major concern is safety, then field hockey is the optimum sport to select for your child. Field hockey is a non-contact sport, where the players’ sole focus is on building their skills and team comradery without having to be concerned with being hit by another team made. Field hockey is also considered a type of sport conducive to creating many friendships that will probably last a lifetime. The sport of field hockey provides many diverse ways of exercise for your child as well, which is another appealing attribute of the sport.

Before starting the game of field hockey, it is important that you have all the necessary equipment needed such as a mouth guard, which protects your child (girl) from any potential injuries to the mouth or face. While field hockey is relatively safe, safeguarding oneself in any sport is always a good option. Other equipment that is necessary for a girl to play field hockey is shin guards and cleats. In some areas where field hockey is played, certain players will wear eye masks, to help protect their face even more. A girl playing field hockey will also want to ensure that they have bought a strong hockey stick as their ability to perform in the competition will be affected by the type of hockey stick that they opted to purchase. A way to gain swift comprehension and education of the game of field hockey is to learn the language and realize that it is much related to other popular sports such as a soccer and ice hockey. It is similar to soccer is that the game of soccer uses similar positions and has the same number of players. Field hockey and ice hockey are similar in that players in both games play with a puck or ball and a stick. There are like drills and passing methods associated with both games as well. Ice hockey, however, is considered to be a contact sport whereas field hockey is looked at for many young women because it is a non-contact game.

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