Grave Digger Monster Truck

Grave Digger Monster Truck – Legend of Truck Racing!

The Grave Digger (GD) was originally launched in 1981 by Dennis Anderson. Known as one of the most impressive and influential monster trucks of all time, the Grave Digger Monster Truck has made appearances at monster truck rally. Garnering its reputation for being brutal and brash, the Grave Digger Monster Truck, is often incorporated into many monster truck racing games. Known for its visible trademarks, the red headlights and menacing green flames, the Grave Digger Monster Truck, finds it home in Poplar Branch, North Carolina at Digger’s Dungeon, which sells all kinds of merchandise centered on the GD monster truck.

The Grave Digger Monster Truck is no different from any other monster trucks in that it was custom built. Most engines used to construct monster trucks whether those used in rallies or monster truck jams cost anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000. The Grave Digger weighs similar to other monster trucks around 12,000 pounds. Where the Grave Digger may lack in precision, it makes up in its overall utility features. It undergoes an extensive maintenance program that keeps the robustness of it long standing. The GD has a massive footprint and its engine utilizes a 8-71 Roots type blower that makes 1,450 horsepower, which is powerful to say the least.

Throughout the years, the GD Monster Truck has had many drivers; the last being Tony Farrell. Originally beginning as a red pickup truck, the famous truck has found itself participating in mud bogging. The Grave Digger would eventually start participating in free monster truck games as time went along. Becoming the main attraction at most, if not all truck events, the Grave Digger has a history that is unmatched by any other monster truck. The GD recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and continues to make an enormous impact on the monster truck industry.