Hog Hunting With Dogs – Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Hog Hunting With Dogs

Hog hunting with dogs has become quite popular recently. There are many reasons for this. People have used dogs in whitetail deer hunting and found how effective they can be in retrieving their prey. Here is a look at why this has translated over to wild hog hunting.

Hog hunting with dogs took off because hunters realized how remarkable a dog’s scent could be when trained properly. In addition to this, people have trained dogs from young to remain quiet on the trail, pick up a hog’s scent from a far away distance, and be able to take down the hog until the hunters come.

A good way to train a young dog when wild boar hunting to is to take them out on the trail when they are young and allow them to become acquainted with the environment. During this time, a dog will be able to utilize their natural hunting skills and allow that to take over. It’s also good practice because once they see a small hog they will have the opportunity to attack the prey and help you retrieve it.

Furthermore, when you go hog hunting with dogs you’ll find they do an excellent job locating the prey. If you were going recurve bow hunting and had to set up a stand close to your prey, a trained dog remains patient, can use its nose to help alert you to where a boar is and once you fire a shot, can help you located the wild boar. This makes hunting much easier as you have another pair of eyes and ears with you, which can take the guesswork out of hunting and making you successful in finding and hunting a boar.

Ultimately, hog hunting with dogs has become popular because of how well a dog can adapt to their environment, pick up the scent of a hog, take down the hog or help you retrieve it after you shoot it. If you properly train your dog for hog hunting, you’ll find that it will pay off huge dividends in the long run as trained dogs lead to hunts that are more successful.

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