Mountain Bike Tires For Sand

How To Choose Mountain Bike Tires For Sand?

From the experienced cyclist to the single speed mountain bike novice, selecting the right mountain bike tires is important when you are going to be undergoing this type of biking activity. Selecting mountain tires can be an interesting experience depending upon the type of mountain bike ride you are. There are some specialized mountain bikes that offer many varying types of tires for the dirt devil in you or the resistance mountain biking warrior. Depending on the terrain you are riding on, you want to make certain that you select the best mountain bike tires; whether dirt, sand or pavement. Here are some practical tips for choosing the right mountain bike tires for sand, which is often considered a preferred way to mountain bike.

1. Determine the size you need for your mountain bike tires – whether riding on sand or not, this is an important element. How do you what your current bike tire size is? Glancing at the tire sidewall will allow for easy access to determine the size you will need for your mountain bike tires.

2. The tread – there are many different types of tires. When considering that you will be mountain biking on sand, you want to select mountain bike tires that can withstand dry and wet sand. Knobbies may be the optimum choice when riding on sand, as they can treat through some of the roughest conditions, as well as some of the smoothest.

3. The right valve – when considering biking on sand, you want to ensure that your bicycle tires have the right valve. There are usually two different types of valves: Presta and Schrader. Schrader valves are typically found on less expensive bikes while Presta valves tend to be found on designer mountain bikes and on bikes with superb mountain bike suspension.

4. Biking accessories – of course, these are always items to consider going along with your new tires. These items range from tire sealants to tire liners.