How To Play Field Hockey – Game Rules and Tips!

Field Hockey Rules

If you are seeking to learn a dynamic and fun sport, then field hockey is for you. Learning this sport and understanding the field hockey rules is an entertaining adventure no matter your age. The age that most players start learning how to play field hockey and playing depends on the particular culture. Many cultures teach young children, teens and adults the rules of field hockey as early as 10 years old, with an accent specifically being on the types of field hockey positions and how to be a superb field hockey player. This often has pushed its attractiveness to those who would be considered of an older generation. It is imperative to understand the field hockey rules and regulations and to get acquainted with them successfully. Here are the field hockey rules:

1. Recognize the players and know your field hockey equipment – to start playing field hockey you need sticks and field hockey balls. Two teams are usually put against each other and each team is allowed 11 players at all times, including the goalie. The goalie is usually padded very heavily, after being informed in order to ensure injury does not happen. The sport, however, is considered to be a sport that does not have formal contact, but that is just a preventative measure for the goalie. It is also equally important for other field hockey players to be properly dressed for the sport.

2. The positions are generally split up into three lines on the field. There is the offensive and defensive line, and the midfield. 10 players plus the goalie are positions in a specified set-up that is decided by the coach. The overall aim of field hockey is to score more goals than their challenger, which many who have played the game find to be a very uncomplicated point. Generally, field hockey is a lower scoring game meaning the game scores range from one to five, with teams rarely reaching scores over that.

3. Be familiar with the rules – whether this is a game between friends, a professional hockey game, or a high school game where there are definitive high school field hockey rules, it is imperative that the players understand that field hockey is a non-contact sport. There can be frequent types of fouls as the ball is not allowed to hit another player’s feet directly or indirectly. Beginners in the sport of field hockey are often met with trouble upon starting because they have to get contented with the rules and the tempo of play in order to find the game agreeable.

4. Understand the sport lingo – as with all sports, there is jargon that must be learned. Players work together resourcefully by passing the ball to each other. Strategies are formed to keep their opponents from obtaining the ball. There are a few widespread passes in the game of field hockey such as the flat pass, which is a type of pass that is directed towards the left or right of the player; the through pass, thought of a relatively straightforward pass and the back pass, which is performed in a backward motion. The most known type of pass, however, is the push pass which is where the player tries to keep the ball on his/her stick during the entire pass in order to push the ball to his/her teammate.

5. Be acquainted with The Scoring – field hockey has numerous ways in order to score a goal. The most important understanding that one must take away is that the ball must be touched within the circle in order to be counted successfully as a goal. Goals are usually scored on a short corner, which is a particular type of strategy incorporated by most field hockey teams in order to get the defensive team to commit a foul; a field goal; and a penalty strike, which is a shot that is awarded to the team that was fouled inside the area where a goal is normally scored.

6. Which Balls Are Allowed? – the general rule of field hockey is that a ball can be lifted either below a player’s knee or above the player’s head. If the ball doesn’t put in one in a risky position, the referee can decide to not insist on calling a penalty. The ball is usually lifted by what are known as scoops. Players typically are permitted to take a number of shots.
Field hockey is one of the most popular team sports in the world and continues to expand whether there are girls field hockey rules, high school rules or professional teams playing the usual rules, field hockey is a very simple sport to learn and adjust to. Field hockey is great exercise as well because of the motion that occurs with it. It happens to be one of the most enjoyable sports. Why not begin now? Go out and get a few friends together and learn field hockey today!

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