Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment

Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment List

Ice hockey goalie equipment is used to protect you from injury while you are playing the game, but what equipment needs to be included on your list? You will need a chest pad, which will absorb the shock of any blow and protect your vital chest area. Ice hockey skates are also required, and speed skates or figure skates are prohibited. Your ice hockey goalie equipment list will also need to include shin guards, to protect your knees and lower legs if you are hit or if you fall onto the ice. A protective cup will also be required if you are male, because a stray shot or hit could cause significant damage in this area.

If you are a goalie then you will also need leg pads and a mask as part of your ice hockey equipment. These pads are extremely cushioned and are slippery, so that you are protected but can still slide on the ice. Regulations for this piece of ice hockey goalie equipment state that the leg pads can not be wider than twelve inches. A good hockey stick is also essential, so that you can perform saves and protect the goal from any attempts by the other team. Hockey equipment bags can be very handy when you have to transport all of your equipment back and forth, and make it easy to carry all of your stuff with one hand.

Field hockey goalie equipment does not have the same requirements as ice hockey. On the ice as a goalie you will need a catching glove and a blocker glove to do your job well. Ice hockey goalie equipment can add up when you choose quality items, but these will last longer and will require replacement less often. You may also choose to purchase custom hockey jerseys, and if you play competitively and not just for fun this is a must.