Indoor Soccer Balls

Indoor Soccer Balls Brand Comparison

Indoor soccer balls have a different panel design than their outdoor counterparts. The soccer ball’s panel design determines how aerodynamic the soccer ball is and how much control the soccer player feels when using it. Traditional outdoor soccer balls have 32 panels – twenty regular hexagonal panels and twelve regular pentagonal panels. Indoor soccer balls typically have six panels. There are also 20-panel soccer balls which provide excellent control off the foot which is important for accurate passing. An 18-panel ball is used by Major League Soccer, the premier professional soccer association in the United States. Indoor soccer leagues typically use a six panel design since the indoor game is a much faster paced game. You can purchase indoor soccer balls online or anywhere you can find soccer balls for sale.

Nike soccer balls are just one brand. Other makers of indoor soccer balls include Adidas, Nike, Brine, Select, Baden, Tachikara, MIkasa and Voit. All these soccer ball manufacturers provide indoor soccer balls in a variety of panel designs and materials. The material the soccer ball is made of is an important factor in the soccer balls durability and price.

1. Rubber – Rubber soccer balls are the least expensive and most durable but they are not used for league play and don’t have the same feel as leather or synthetic soccer balls.

2. Synthetic – These soccer balls are popular mostly because of their durability. Synthetic soccer balls come in two types: polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

3. Polyurethane – PU is a synthetic leather material that is very durable. PU comes in different grades, with the higher quality grades being more expensive.

4. Polyvinyl Chloride – PVC is a lower grade synthetic leather material compared to PU. It has a somewhat plastic feel to it so it sacrifices some responsiveness.

5. Leather – Soccer balls used to be made of leather, but leather tends to absorb moisture, resulting in a heavier soccer ball. This makes the ball harder to kick and also makes those head shots a real headache.

Customized soccer balls can be ordered online with your team’s logo and with selected colors. Soccer uniforms for teams can also be ordered with your team’s logo.