Jessup Griptape

Jessup Griptape – Get The Grip of Skateboarding!

Anyone who’s into skateboards, trucks, and decks know how important a grip tape is. Grip tape provides better support between riders and skateboards, allowing riders to have a better grip of the board. Skateboards and decks will never be complete without a grip tape. For the past three decades, only one name has been synonymous to grip tape, and that is Jessup. Jessup grip tape provides a steady support for riders, giving them enough control of their skateboard decks. Jessup grip tape makes sure that any skateboard has enough control on their skateboarders before making any sort of crazy tricks and moves. Hardcore and professional skaters only trust Jessup grip tape, a testament to the quality and excellent manufacturing of Jessup grip tapes.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Jessup has been making the most recommended grip tapes since the mid-70s. It owns every grip tape company in terms of skateboards gripped- gripping a crazy 25 million decks! That translates to roughly 70 million feet of high quality grip tape. That is just an awesome stat to consider, especially with the number of poser grip tape companies out there.

Jessup grip tapes are known for creating a super strong bonding to any kind of skateboard. Jessup grip tapes will stick to any sort of skateboard with its use of a special formula that is compatible with any kind of deck concaves. What’s more, Jessup grip tapes can be trimmed out easily. They also don’t wear out easily like most grip tapes in the market.

Jessup grip tapes can hold up even under the most extreme of skateboarding conditions. It will stay glued up even if you dart into 20 stairs and fall off in the process. Jessup grip tape also stays glued up when you do a 720-degree kickflip. It will also remain intact even if your hands get dirty from all the flipping, so there’s no reason at all for you to worry about losing your control of your board while in mid-air.

What makes Jessup grip tapes stand out from the rest of the field is that it can last for quite a long time. Unlike other fake grip tapes in the market, Jessup grip tapes remain strong and all tied up to your boards even after a couple of months of slam bang skateboarding action. You don’t need to replace your grip tapes regularly since Jessup grip tapes stay glued for a long time. Now all you need to worry about is making that crazy flip move and earning “woots!” from the audience.

Jessup grip tapes are definitely worth every penny. They are the bomb when it comes to providing ample support to you and your board. You really can’t go without Jessup grip tapes especially during crucial moves such as 360 ollie or kickflips. So the next time you try on doing that crazy move you’ve just perfected, better make sure your board has Jessup grip tapes on it. You’d be sure to hear a lot of “holy crap” once you slam one in.