Knee Pain While Running

Knee Pain While Running Downhill and Uphill Causes

Running is a wonderful way to enjoy exercise. As running can put a strain on your muscles or joints it isn’t uncommon to experience pain in you knee, hips or back. If runners experience knee pain while running here are some tips.

Runners that experience knee pain while running need to take stock of where the injury happened. Did it happen on a treadmill, or trail with rough terrain? Did the knee buckle when running on a paved course? By assessing the situation it can help a doctor determine the cause.

Another aspect to examine is where the pain is. Diagnosing the pain is important as it can shed some light onto what the injury might be. Runners who experience outside knee pain may not have the same injuries as those suffering from inside knee pain. This also helps a physical therapist or doctor pinpoint the source of the pain, which is important when they make a diagnosis.

Once doctors determine the cause, they’ll help you with knee pain relief. This may include stretches, icing the area or rest. It can also include exercises for knee pain, which can strengthen the area and prevent future injury. These exercises can include gaining more flexibility in your joints through yoga and doing weight lifting training such as squats to strengthen the area around your knee.

There are many reasons runners can experience knee pain while running.

For one, runners may overextend themselves. This is common among beginners as they may push themselves too hard too quickly. This causes over use of the muscles and joints and may result in a common condition known as “runner’s knee.”

Another reason runners experience knee pain while running is improper technique. If the runner takes long strides it can create pressure on the hips and knees. If knee pain is a common occurrence, it’s important runners have a coach or experience runner examine their technique to ensure the proper form is used.

Lastly, runners can reduce knee pain while running by having the correct running shoes. Many running shoes have additional shock absorption that will reduce the stress on a runner’s joints. This can go a long way in protecting the runner.