Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Poses To Clear Chakras

The human body is composed of an energetic system known as the chakras. In order for the energy to successfully flow, these chakras have to be cleared by certain types of energy clearing techniques including the emotional freedom technique, as well as types of yoga including Kundalini yoga and Prana yoga. The human body has seven chakras. Each serves a unique purpose in how the energy travels throughout the auric body. Some people believe that this type of yoga serves a dual purpose in addition to clearing the body’s chakra system but can also be a form of yoga for weight loss. There are several kundalini yoga poses that will effectively clear the chakras. Kundalini yoga encompasses one of the easier types of yoga poses for beginners, or for those individuals who enjoy a kind of yoga that gives a vigorous energetic boost. Here is a list of the kundalini yoga poses, also known as asanas that will clear the chakras.

1. The Crown Pose – set forth to clear the first chakra, that governs each person’s survival mechanisms.

2. The Frog Pose – designed as a pose for the second chakra, in this pose, you must keep your heels together and inhale as you straighten your nose.

3. The Stretch Pose – bring your body to new heights with this third chakra pose that forces you to stare at your toes while breathing deeply and lifting your head.

4. The Camel Pose – a fourth chakra pose, the camel pose involves placing your hands on your back while tilting your head in a backwards position.

5. The Cobra Pose – for the fifth chakra, which governs our communication, this pose is similar to a push up, yet is different in that your pelvis must remain on the floor or ground.

6. The Guru Pranam – welcome in new breath with this sixth chakra clearing pose. With your hands extended in a similar pose as one would do in prayer, bring your body over your thighs and keep your head to the floor while breathing deeply.

7. The Sat Kriya – while this pose energetically clears all chakras, its design was intended for the seventh chakra. This pose combines stretching your arms, chanting, and locking all fingers on both hands.