Mini Golf Supplies – Top 10 Online Stores!

Mini Golf Supplies

Mini golf is a great way for families and friends to spend time together. Building a mini golf course can be fun and challenging. For starters, selecting the correct mini golf supplies will go a long way in making miniature golf construction go smoothly.

Here we came up with Top 10 online stores to check out:

1. Harris Miniature Golf Course Company offers construction for those wanting to build a mini golf course. This can include indoor mini golf. From building to supplying they are a one stop resource that will guarantee their work 110%.

2. Mini Golf Supplies is an excellent place to buy mini golf supplies. From putters, to balls to score cards they are a great place to order all mini golf equipment.

3. Eastern Golf Supplies is an online retailer focused on providing a wide variety of golf equipment, including mini golf supplies. They also feature obstacles like a large T-Rex for monster mini golf and black light carpet, perfect for glow in the dark mini golf.

4. Miniature Golf Store is a perfect online resource for those looking to buy golf supplies. This includes flags for the holes, scorecards and they can equip the course with artificial turf.

5. Starting Time has many accessories for mini golf builders. They offer divot tools that help repair the greens. They also feature the Eye Cue 20/20 Putter, which is world renowned for its accuracy.

6. Cost of Wisconsin is excellent for those wanting to design a miniature golf course. Their designers have a wealth of experience and can customize a design based on the builder’s recommendations. This can also include building into the course obstacles and water hazards.

7. Tacki-Mac is a manufacturer specializing in family entertainment. They are a great place to buy mini golf supplies as they have a nice selection of putts, balls and ball displays. Additionally, they offer affordable prices making it cost effective to maintain stock.

8. For those looking for a wide selection of colors for their golf balls, Colored Golf Balls is an excellent store. They offer balls in a nice variety of colors and their prices are good.

9. For those looking to build a night mini golf course, Glow Products website is the place to check out. They feature glow in the dark items and even advice for those wanting to have mini golf tournaments at night.

10. Wittek Mini Golf is a great place to purchase mini golf supplies. They offer a wide range of products including ball retrievers, grips and displays.

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