Moab Bike Trails – Which One To Choose?

Moab Bike Trails

Moab mountain biking offers some of the most diverse and challenging trails in the country. One of the best aspects of Moab bike trails is the fact that something for every skill set is offered. With that in mind, here is a guide to choosing which Moab bike trails are right for each cyclist.

The Baby Steps Loop is perfect for cyclists looking for an uphill ride. The trail roundtrip is over 20 miles with a challenging 1700 foot climb. This loop is ideal for those looking to test or build their endurance.

One of the most diverse Moab bike trails is the Mega Steps. This course offers cyclists a diverse selection of terrain including dirt, wood and rock. The 823 foot climb will challenge a biker’s fitness.

For those looking for the ultimate challenge they’ll want to tackle the Slickrock Bike Trail. This is the most difficult Moab mountain bike riding as this will test a cyclist’s skill through the 9.6 mile path. This trail is recommended only for the most experienced rider as the bikers will need downhill mountain bikes to navigate the tough terrain.

Rusty Spur is a great for those wanting to enjoy the experience on an easy path. The length of the trail is a mile and a half and is perfect for those wanting to do a little exercise and enjoy the views.

Deadman’s Ridge is perfect for those looking for a challenging ride. This course is ideal for those in great physical condition as they will need it to navigate the multiple twists and uphill climbs the bike trail throws at them. The downward slopes are also tricky and require careful attention as the road winds quite a bit on the way down. This course is ideal for bikers who are in excellent physical condition and are experienced at handing different terrains such as steep grades and multiple climbs.

Ultimately, Moab bike trails offer something for every skill level. Along with trails, guests can use Moab bike rentals that way they have the ultimate bike for their trip.

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