Monster Truck Racing Games Review

Monster Truck Racing Games

Playing monster truck racing games is a great way for the entire family to enjoy monster truck fun at home. A monster truck is a highly modified pickup truck with extremely large tires and suspension. At monster truck shows, monster trucks often crush other vehicles and obstacles. Monster trucks usually have hydraulic steering in both the rear and front. The front wheels are controlled by the steering wheel while the rear wheels are controlled by a toggle switch. The monster truck tires are “Terra” tires with a diameter of 66 inches, a size typically used on fertilizer spreaders.

Monster Truck Jam is a live event tour and TV show produced by Feld Entertainment. The Monster Jam series is sanctioned by the United States Hot Rod Association. Events are held primarily in the United States and Canada. Monster Jam features racing monster trucks and a freestyle competition by monster trucks.

One of the most famous monster trucks of all time is the Grave Digger monster truck. Grave Digger, or just Digger, is actually a team of monster trucks that races in the United States Hot Rod Association Monster Jam series. Grave Digger is also featured in monster truck racing games. The creator and original driver of the Grave Digger is Dennis Anderson. There are currently nine Grave Digger monster trucks that allow the Grave Digger team to attend more than one monster truck rally at a time.

Monster truck racing games can be played on a game console, such as an X-box, or on a personal computer. Typically, players race against each other using monster trucks on side by side symmetrical monster truck racing courses. Some websites even include free monster truck games. Monster truck racing games can be played with multiple players at home or with racers from all over the world.

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