Alien Workshop Skateboards

Most Popular Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop skateboards are made by Alien Workshop, a company based in Dayton, Ohio and founded in 1990 by Mike Hill and Chris Carter. In addition to skateboards, Alien Workshop sells decks, wheels, apparel, skateboard accessories and completes. Alien Workshop skateboards are known for their artistic graphical style, often including futurism- and paranoia-themed graphics. Alien Workshop is owned by DNA Distribution which also owns Reflex Bearings and Habitat Skateboards. Alien Workshop also sponsors several pro riders, including Rob Dyrdek, Grant Taylor, Anthony Van Engelen and Steve Berra.

Under the Products tab of the Alien Workshop website, there are five categories: Decks, Wheels, Apparel, Accessories, and Completes. The Apparel tab features Alien Workshop clothing items such as T-shirts, flannel shirts, fleeces, hats, backpacks and belts. The tab for Alien Workshop wheels includes colorful wheels with unique names such as Dyrdek Superthane, Dill Repeat, Chernobyl’s, Failintothrive KTC and Exalt Logo. The Decks tab presents a horizontal banner with all the Alien Workshop decks. The Accessories tab has bearings, skateboard tools, earphones and miscellaneous accessories. The Team tab on the website lists the professional and amateur skaters sponsored by Alien Workshop. The Updates tab includes videos and other newsworthy items about the pro team members and new Alien Workshop products.

Like Zoo York skateboard decks, Alien Workshop skateboards come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Some of the more popular Alien Workshop skateboards are:

1. Alien Workshop Saari Remodel

2. Alien Workshop KTC Failing to Thrive

3. Alien Workshop Spectrum XL

4. AW Dyrdek Antlers

5. Alien Workshop Kirchart Anaglyph Hexmark

6. AW Dyrdek Headphones

7. Alien Workshop Rieder Repeat

8. AW Dyrdek Mega

9. Alien Workshop M. Taylor Road Robot Mache Large

Alien Workshop skateboards are artistically designed, durable, and fun to ride. Hop on and go for a ride.