Namaste Yoga

Namaste Yoga Review

There are many types of yoga practiced around the world, including Namaste yoga, Bhakti yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga and Prana yoga. The term “Namaste” is a common salutation in India used as a greeting when people meet or depart. Namaste is spoken and accompanied by a bow, with the hands pressed together near the heart chakra. The palms are touching and fingers pointed upward.

Namaste yoga is a type of yoga that is usually performed at the beginning and end of a class held at a Namaste yoga studio. Yoga practitioners believe Namaste yoga at the beginning of the yoga class clears the mind from outside stresses and worries. At the end of the yoga class, Namaste yoga signifies that the mind is calm and free from daily stresses.

Another type of yoga is Kundalini type of yoga, which is a yoga that uses mental, physical and spiritual discipline to tap into your inner awareness and energy. Often called the yoga of awareness, Kundalini claims to directly affect consciousness, increase self knowledge, develop intuition, and tap into the creative potential that resides in every human.

Yoga asanas, or poses, are different body positions performed in various styles of yoga. Asanas are performed to improve vitality and flexibility. Yoga poses also promote meditation in a seated position for extended periods of time. Asanas are also practiced as part of alternative medicine and for exercise. When performing yoga poses, pressure or force should not be used and all motions should be slow and gentle. Breathing should be controlled and the stomach should be empty. Attempts have been made to catalog the numerous yoga asanas. Kailashananda Maharaj compiled a list of approximately 1300 types of asanas based on ancient texts and contemporary gurus.

Namaste yoga and other forms of yoga provide many benefits, including improved muscular strength, balance, energy, and flexibility while reducing stress, anxiety, and muscle soreness. Yoga exercises can be performed at home or at a specialized yoga studio. Yoga exercise clothes can be traditional western sporting clothes or traditional yoga pants and shirt.