Natural Bodybuilding Diet

Natural Bodybuilding Diet For Women

Natural bodybuilding is much more than lifting weights; it’s also about following a natural bodybuilding diet plan. In general women are not as capable of building muscle mass as men, but a natural bodybuilding diet is just as important for women as it is for men.

Changing your diet is as important as starting your bodybuilding workout program. You should eat more often with smaller portions. Your bodybuilding diet plan should include six meals a day instead of three. This provides a more steady flow of nutrients during the day, facilitating muscle repair. To prolong the flow of nutrients at night, during sleep, cut down on the evening carbohydrates and focus on protein and fat. Speaking of sleep, at least eight hours of sleep is important in bodybuilding. This gives your muscles time to repair.

A balanced female bodybuilding diet should also include bodybuilding supplements, including Vitamin C, a multiple vitamin and mineral formula, Calcium Nitrate, and fish oils that provide essential fatty acids. Of course, protein shakes throughout the day are a necessary part of a natural bodybuilding diet.

The natural bodybuilding diet should include the following foods:

1. Egg whites – Egg whites have a 60:1 protein to fat ratio and are one of the best sources of protein available. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals while having few carbohydrates.

2. Chicken and turkey breast – This white meat is low in saturated and Trans fats and high in protein.

3. Fish – Fish provides essential fatty acids and Omega-3 acids which supports muscle-building.

4. Beans – Kidney beans and black beans supply both fiber and protein.

5. Oatmeal – This provides slow-burning carbohydrates

6. Water – One to two gallons of water each day helps cleanse your system before, during and after your workouts.

A natural bodybuilding diet, along with a strenuous workout routine will help you build muscle and tone faster and more healthily.