Never Summer Snowboards

Never Summer Snowboards Review

Never Summer snowboards offer riders the best in innovation features. Additionally, they have wicked cool designs riders will love. For those considering buying Never Summer snowboards here are some reasons why you should.

For starters, their NS Custom FLIGHTCORE offers riders the best in innovation. The system does this by an infusion of hardwood and light softwood laminates, thereby providing layers, which dampens vibration. This means as the rider increases speed, these layers will take on more vibration absorption, creating less stress on the riders while giving them more control.

Riders will also love the durability these snowboards have. Their carbon laminate technology ensures riders receive the best in durability while maintaining a smooth, more controlled ride.

Never Summer snowboards also come in variety of styles.

One of their most popular is the Never Summer Evo Snowboard. This model has a rocker core design. According to Never Summer’s website this mean this will create better hinge points for better performance. In turn this provides greater control to the rider regardless of the speed or terrain.

Another great aspect of Never Summer snowboards is the different types of boards they offer. Whether the rider is looking for pipe & park, big mountain or free ride, Never Summer has the perfect board for any terrain. They even allow riders to try a board for free. On their website riders can check out locations close to them where they can check out the Never Summer snowboards.

Moreover, if riders need other gear such as snowboard bags or kids snowboards, they should check out Never Summer’s website.

Along with their awesome snowboards, they have cheap snowboarding gear. Never Summer has caps+beanies with cool designs, stylish zip hoodies and snowboarding helmets. Riders can find this gear by visiting their website. They can also check out press information about Never Summer as well as see their gear in action through their movies.

For riders looking for the best in technology and style, Never Summer is one of the best brands riders can choose. With award winning boards, riders will know when they buy Never Summer they are buying the best.