Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons – What Is Included in Price?

Private swimming lessons are an excellent way to learn how to swim or to improve your swimming ability. Private instruction allows you to focus on your particular swimming lesson needs. Swimming is very healthy source of exercise and provides many benefits. Swimming benefits include cardiovascular training, improved posture, improved muscle tone and increased flexibility. Swimming is a great work out and puts less stress on the bones and joints than running does. That is why swimming is often prescribed as physical therapy for those who have suffered a bodily injury or those with physical disabilities.

Any private swim lessons or adult swim lessons that are based on the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program use these six levels:

1. Level 1 – Introduction to Water Skills: In this level, the swimmer gets comfortable with being in the water, including kicking, bobbing, front and back floating, underwater exploration, opening the eyes under water, and gliding with the face in the water.

2. Level 2 – Fundamental Aquatic Skills: The student swims 15 yards on the back and front, submerge his or her entire head, and retrieve an object under the water.

3. Level 3 – Stroke Development Skills: The swimming student jumps into deep water from the side of the pool and swims 15 yards.

4. Level 4 – Stroke Improvement: This level includes front and back crawl of 25 yards and breaststroke and butterfly stroke of 15 yards.

5. Level 5 – Stroke Refinement: The student performs all swimming strokes at 25 yards, performs a flip turn and swims underwater for 15 yards.

6. Level 6 – Skill Proficiency: Level 6 requires swimming continuously for 500 yards.

Private swim lessons may also utilize swimming training equipment to improve endurance, strength and speed. If you are interested in learning to swim or improving your swimming technique, consider taking private swimming lessons.