Quarterback Drills For Kids

Quarterback Drills For Kids

Playing football should be a lot of fun as well being informative. For kids wanting to play quarterback it’s imperative you have drills in place that keeps them engaged as well as develop the proper mechanics. Here is a look at installing quarterback drills for kids.

The first step is to ensure they have all the correct equipment. While some kids prefer to use quarterback gloves, others do not. Making sure they have the correct fitting equipment ensures their safety and helps them in their mobility, which is huge for quarterbacks.

When installing quarterback drills it’s important to make them fun and simulate game experience. One great way to do this is have the quarterback run in circles while playing catch, alternating directions every few minutes. This helps the quarterback learn to throw on the run and provide them practice in throwing the ball to the correct area. It also helps with their footwork as they must stop after running, plant with the correct stance and throw to the open receiver. The scrambling drill can make a quarterback much more confident when throwing on the run.

Fundamental quarterback drills deal with mechanics. One good one to institute is to have two players facing each other about ten yards apart. Each player keeps their shoulders squared as they rotate their hips when throwing to the other player. This is a great drill that teaches the proper technique when throwing the ball.

Another great way to develop a quarterback is to take them to quarterback camps. Here instructors do specialized quarterback drills that teaches additional technique and footwork. Many Super Bowl winning quarterbacks received private instruction and it made a big difference in their careers.

Lastly, a great way for quarterbacks to have fun in a competitive environment is to do a quarterback challenge. You can replicate the format they did in the NFL or tailor one based on your quarterbacks’ skill level. The point is to allow them to have fun, emphasize mechanics and reward their development. The challenge provides application of the techniques they learned and gives them a chance to shine.

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