Quarterback Wristband

Quarterback Wristband – Which One To Choose?

The quarterback wristband is becoming more and more popular in football today. They can be seen on quarterbacks’ arms on game day, during quarterback camps and even on the video game Quarterback Challenge. Football plays are abbreviated on index cards and the index cards are slipped inside a sleeve in the quarterback wristband. The plays can be organized or categorized so similar plays are grouped together. Football plays can also be color coded to provide even more information in a limited amount of space.

The quarterback wristband consists of two parts – a wide wristband with a transparent sleeve and a hinged flap with a transparent sleeve. The hinged sleeve can be secured shut with Velcro. When the hinged flap is open, the quarterback can see both index cards through the transparent sleeve.

The quarterback wears the wristband on his non-throwing arm. The coded information on the cards can be used to correlate football plays with play numbers. This allows the coach to signal in just a play number instead of a play name. This saves time for the quarterback since all the plays are close at hand. It also saves time for the coach when signaling in complex plays to his quarterback. The quarterback wristband should also be worn during quarterback drills so the quarterback and coach get used to using it.

Play calling security is a consideration when using a quarterback wristband. Since plays are signaled to the quarterback by the coach or offensive coordinator, the code names and numbers need to be confusing to the other team or whoever is trying to intercept the calls. Also, during the game, the quarterback must guard the quarterback wristband from inquiring eyes on the defensive team. Since index cards can be slipped in and out easily, it may make sense to swap out signal cards if a team suspects the other team is intercepting the signals.

Choose a quarterback wristband based on the following considerations:

1. Size – it must be comfortable on the quarterback. If the quarterback wristband is too loose, it may slip up and down on the quarterback’s arm.

2. Color – the quarterback wristband should match the uniform color or the color of the quarterback gloves.

3. Sleeves – there should be two transparent sleeves in the quarterback wristband.