Quiksilver Surfboards

Quiksilver Surfboards – Which One To Consider Buying?

Understanding the mechanics of surfing is one of the most important aspects when considering purchasing a surfboard and surfing accessories such as wetsuits and board shorts such as Quiksilver board shorts. Quiksilver surfboards are a well-known surfboard manufacturing company who designs surfboards for beginners and advance water pros. One of the largest surfing companies that began in Huntington Beach, California, Quiksilver surfboards have built their reputation on high end cutting edge choices for the beach and water oriented individual who find the water beckoning and fascinating. The needs of the surfer who is just beginning their water gliding versus those of the more seasoned surfer differ. The question becomes which kind of Quiksilver surfboard a surfer should purchase. There are five types of surfboards that Quiksilver offers that includes the shortboard, the longboard surfboard, the fish, the gun and the stand up paddle board.

Quiksilver surfboards come in four different types that include the softboard, the ST comp/Roxy series, which is designed specifically with the beginner in mind, the limited edition and their performance series, which offers an assortment of boards for all kinds of water conditions. Each is impressive in design offers a different approach to the water.

So how does one decide which kind of Quiksilver surfboard to choose? If one were to consider surfing as a full time sport, then it may be best to consider a custom board, which Quiksilver does sell. Softboard considerations are also something to mull over in a surfboard purchase as they are made of foam and easier to maneuver if one is just beginning the sport of surfing. The pop-out board is also a type of board that one may opt to purchase under the Quiksilver array as it is made of fiberglass allowing one to literally float on the water. The precision that Quiksilver boards encompass is similar to that of the Al Merrick surfboards manufactured by Channel Islands. Quiksilver boards are available at local surf shops, who sometimes offer lessons and the ability to rent the board to see if you will like it beforehand; and through a myriad of surfboard retailers.