Road Bike Frames

Road Bike Frames Review

Road bike frames can be found in a wide range of prices, styles, colors, and features. The Vassago Fisticuff Frame can be found for less than five hundred dollars, while the Pinarello Dogma Carbon Road Frameset 2011 will have a price of more than five thousand dollars. The road bike frames cost covers a very wide range, and your budget will play a big role in the frame that you choose. You can also choose from various materials for road bike frames, including aluminum, titanium, carbon, steel, and composite metal choices. Each material type will have advantages and drawbacks, and may be perfect for some riders but not ideal for others.

Carbon frame road bikes are usually more expensive, but they are very strong and lightweight. Steel is a heavier metal, so it will last extremely long, but it may not be the best choice for racing when every ounce of weight is critical. Composite road bike frames can include different metals combined in various proportions, and these can be expensive. The benefits and drawbacks of composite racing road bikes will depend on which specific metals are used, and the complete formula for the composite material. All frames have a weight limit, and some materials and frames may not have a limit high enough to support larger or heavier riders.

You can find many road bike deals on the Internet, sometimes for as much as fifty percent off the normal cost of the frame, but always make sure you only deal with reputable sellers to avoid any problems. You can find road bike frames at great bargains if you are willing to put in some time and effort looking. Whether you want a low end road bike frame or high end road bike tires you may be astonished at the variety and low prices you will find.