Road Bike Sizing Chart For Men

Road Bike Sizing

Road bike sizing is an important step before you even choose a model, because if your bike does not fit properly because it is either too small or too large then you will not be comfortable and will probably not ride it frequently. Road bikes for women are designed differently than those for men, and getting the right sized bike will require a gender specific sizing chart. Many bike manufacturers and dealers offer a road bike sizing chart for men and for women, so you can get a general idea of the bike size you will require. A final fitting should always be performed at the bike dealer to ensure your bike fits properly and is the correct size for your body height and weight.

Custom road bikes are built specifically for your body dimensions and size, but this is not the case when you choose pre-manufactured models. The road bike sizing chart for men starts with your inseam length, and then you will need to know the stand-over height of the model you are considering. The stand-over height is the height to the top bar on the road bike frames, and you should have a difference of between one and two inches when comparing this height and your inseam size.

Road bike sizing is not terribly complicated, but it is extremely important. For your bike to perform well and handle correctly it must be the right size. Changing components can affect this sizing as well, because if you choose road bike tires which add height to your bike then this will affect how the bike fits. A sizing chart can help you find your ideal bike size, so that you can find the right model which fits perfectly. The use of the bike is also a factor that needs to be considered, because a road bike will have a smaller difference in stand-over height to inseam length than a touring or mountain bike will.

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