Road Bike Tires

Road Bike Tires Puncture Resistant – Which One to Choose?

When shopping for road bike tires there are many factors to consider. This is important as choosing the right tires will go along way in protecting the rider.

The first step is to determine what type of road bike tires you need. There are many road bike tire sizes so it’s important to know what size goes with your bike as mountain bike tires might be different from what your road bike needs.

Next, riders want tires that will be puncture resistant. As many trails vary in terrain it’s important to choose the correct tires as they can provide durability and protection regardless of the course.

Here is a look at some of the best road bike tires.

The Michelin Kromion Road tire is one of the best riders can buy. The tires have silicone thread thereby providing a strong outer durability whereas the crown prevents punctures. Additionally, the tires are affordable as they start out around $20. When factored altogether, this is a great tire.

The Trax Cross Puncture Resistant MTB Bicycle Tires combines innovation and technology. The Puncture Guard thread prevents the tires from busting even during some of the harshest conditions, which will protect the cyclist. These are inexpensive and are a great addition for cyclists.

The Vittoria Rubino Road Bike Tire is a great buy. The 150 threads per inch provide a great ride and excellent control. The tread is also puncture resistant, giving riders protection and durability. While the price is a little more expensive than the others, riders will enjoy this quality tire.

These are three of the best road bike tires due to the technology they offer. Not only do they provide riders with additional protection, they provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Moreover, with the cheap price tag riders will find these an affordable addition to their ride.

Cyclists can buy such tires at many online retailers and sporting goods stores, including additional accessories such as road bike pedals. Athletes can also find other bike tires as many stores offer some of the top brands such as Continental road bike tires.