Running Back Drills For Kids

Running Back Drills For Kids

When developing kids to become running backs it’s important your running back drills emphasize fun and technique. Running back workouts typically employ everything from nutrition to footwork, so it’s important you customize a plan that includes all faucets. Here is a look at examples of running back drills and how you can keep kids interested.

The first is a zigzag drill according to We Play Football’s website. The purpose of this drill is for the running back to learn to cut at different directions. You do this by setting up cones about ten yards apart in different areas. When you blow the whistle the back runs to the first cone, makes a cut and touches the cone with his or her off hand then runs to the next until they finish the course. This helps the player learn to change direction quickly and is a fun activity for them to do. You can time each player and create running back rankings based on this. This will help each player remain engaged.

Other fun and engaging running back drills deal with ball handling. You do this drill by setting up two rows of players. The running back runs down the line between the players while players on each side swipe at the ball to try and take it away. It’s great in that it teaches the running back to be mindful of how they are holding the ball at all times while keeping them engaged with a fun activity.

Another way to keep their focus is for them to pick out NFL running backs they like. By doing this, it is a great way for them to follow the game they love. You can even give them fun assignments such as having each player report certain NFL running back stats each week. This gives them a chance to continue to follow the game off the field and even learn from some of their favorite players.

Ultimately, the goal is to make running back drills fun and applicable to game situations. When you do so, you’ll find over time that your players’ technique will improve and they remain engaged in the sport. As long as you keep the drills fun you’ll find players will learn the basics and become better running backs as a result.