Running Back Rankings – Top 10 Football Stars!

Running Back Rankings

One good way to help players become more involved is to establish engaging ways for them to enjoy the game. For running backs, there are many ways to keep them connected.

To begin, have them do running back workouts. This is a great way for them to develop their skills and technique. You can set up many different drills where they can work on making the correct cuts, following their blockers as well as becoming better receivers.

Another fun activity is to have them follow and learn about some of the best NFL running backs with NFL running back stats. These breakdown how many yards a rusher gained, touchdowns scored and how many yards he averaged per carry. You can also use these running back rankings to help players learn more about the best backs to play the game.

The running back rankings serve to honor some of the past greats as well as help current players understand what made these guys so good.

1. Walter Payton’s versatility was the reason he topped this running back rankings list. Payton could do it all from running to receiving. He finished his storied career with 16,726 rushing yards.

2. Barry Sanders wasn’t the biggest guy on the field, but he played like it. His shiftiness and agility more than made up for his lack of size. He had extraordinary vision and could make big runs out of busted plays.

3. For running backs looking to develop their own style, they should watch old footage of Jim Brown. Brown revolutionized the game with his amazing tenacity and toughness.

4. Emmitt Smith makes this running back rankings list due to his athleticism and vision. Smith was an excellent running back who knew how to read defenses and make them pay with his breakaway speed. He was a big reason why the Cowboys were so dominant in the 90s.

5. One guy many may forget about is Marshall Faulk. Marshall could be just as an effective receiver as he was a rusher. He finished his career with 12,279 rushing yards and a whopping 6,875 receiving yards. His career is a perfect illustration to young players that there are many ways to be a successful running back.

6. Earl Campbell is one of those guys you loved to watch. He would take on a whole pile of defenders and often times, the defense came out on the wrong end. His power and consistency make him one of the all time greats.

7. Gale Sayers ran with reckless abandon and made many jaw dropping plays as a result. Current players can learn from Sayers remarkable career that included four Pro Bowl selections.

8. One player who had a huge impact on the game in a short time was Bo Jackson. Jackson was an amazing athlete that had that dangerous combination of power and speed.

9. Much like Jim Brown, Red Grange was a player whose style changed the way the game was played. During his time in the league, he left a huge impact on football with his versatile skill set.

10. LaDainian Tomlinson is a fun player to watch. He is quick, agile and isn’t afraid to take on defenders. He’s been one of the NFL’s most dynamic players in recent time and he’s still working to build on what will be a storied legacy in the NFL.

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