Scuba Diving Camera

Scuba Diving Camera – Top 10 Choices!

Scuba diving is a fun way to explore the sea. Before setting out on your dive, it is important that you have the proper scuba diving equipment, as this will ensure you are safe and have a great trip.

Some scuba diving gear you’ll want to take is a dive watch computer. This will keep you informed of the water depth as well as save critical data for your trips.

To capture your expedition, you’ll want an underwater digital camera. Here is a look at the ten best.

  • The Sealife SL726 DC 1400 Pro Duo Set is a perfect scuba diving camera for all the benefits it has. The set has a Digital Pro Flash, which is the best way to capture images of the tropical reefs and sea life.
  • Another excellent scuba diving camera is the Sealife SL189 DC800 Digital MAXX Camera. This model’s image resolution is eight megapixels thereby providing an excellent photo quality for underwater adventurers.
  • The Sealife SL724 DC1400 Pro Video Set allows you to take HD video underwater. The design is diver friendly, making this an easy camera to take with you on your expedition.
  • Another good option for diving enthusiasts is the Sealife SL725 DC1400 Pro Set. This model takes beautiful pictures with its six color modes, which is perfect to capture the color contrasting beauty of the sea.
  • One of the more affordable options is the Sealife SL335 Mini Elite Set. True to its name, this scuba diving camera is smaller in design, making it a much easier device from a handling standpoint. At the same time, don’t let the size fool you. It’s waterproof and shockproof, meaning it will hold up to the rigors of diving. Combine all of this with a price of under $600, and you have a great camera.
  • Another inexpensive model is the Sealife SL720 DC 1400 Digital Camera. Though it is smaller, it’s still a 14 megapixel camera, which means you’ll receive clarity in your shots. It is also is expandable to accommodate Pro Flash accessories.
  • Tourists and beginners alike will love the Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera. For one, it’s under $230, making this a cheap buy. With that said, it can go up to 130 feet underwater, is shock proof and its image resolution is up to nine megapixels. For all it offers, this is a great scuba diving camera.
  • A perfect model for divers is the Sea & Sea DX GE5 12.2. Digital Camera and Housing. This model has been depth tested to 180 feet, meaning you’ll be able to take beautiful photos and videos on your dive.
  • The Sea & Sea DX-GE5 12.2 Megapixel Compact Digital Waterproof Camera offers divers the opportunity to take pictures and video clips underwater. The size and functionality makes this a perfect camera for surface divers.
  • If you are new to the field of scuba diving, a good camera to begin with is the Intova IC14 14MP Digital Camera with Waterproof Housing. Its size is perfect for you as it’s easy to carry. Furthermore, with a depth testing of up to 180 feet, this is the ideal camera to take with you on your dives.