Scuba Diving Weights

Scuba Diving Weights – How To Use Them?

Scuba diving weights are used to help you stay down while you are diving and exploring the deep, but how are they used? There are several scuba diving accessories that can be used to hold weights and give you the desired effect. Ankle weights should never be used as the primary weight system though, this type of diving weight is intended to add to the weight system you are using when you need a little more. Most scuba diving weights are placed on a weight belt, and this will typically have a quick release in case you need to drop the weight in an emergency.

Weight harnesses can be used instead of a weight belt, and these harnesses will work with almost all scuba diving equipment. While a weight belt is placed around your waist a harness holds the scuba diving weights near your shoulders, and this may be ideal if you have back or lower extremity pain or problems. A harness is easier to adjust the weights with, because with the belt each weight must be threaded and evenly spaced. Proper weight use is usually taught in the beginning of a scuba diving safety course, and if you have any questions or concerns you should speak to a professional.

You can find scuba diving weights that range from one pound up to ten pounds, and you should try out your system before you use it on the first dive. When you have your weights adjusted correctly you should get into the water with all of your gear on, and with your scuba diving tanks almost completely empty. You should float in the water at approximately eye level, and if this is not the case then you may need to adjust the amount of weights that you are using. If you gain or lose weight an adjustment should also be made to take this factor into account.