Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9 Longboards Review

Sector 9 longboards are made by Sector 9, a subsidiary of Billabong International. The Sector 9 Company was started in La Jolla, California in 1993. Sector 9’s specialty is longboard skateboards.

A longboard is a skateboard variant that is used for downhill racing, cruising, and sliding. Sector 9 longboards are usually between 35 and 48 inches in length. Longboards come in several shapes, including pintails, regular skateboard shapes, and flat-nose riders. Pintail longboards allow for looser trucks and bigger wheels, making the pintail longboard more suitable for carving like a surfboard. Longboards are generally heavier and longer than regular skateboards and therefore are not as agile when performing stunts.

The Sector 9 website features six varieties of the Sector 9 Sidewinder skateboard and eight different Sector 9 Bamboo skateboards, including the Barra Deck, Raglan Deck, and the Burleigh Bamboo Deck. The website also sells skateboard trucks, wheels, hardware, apparel, and other skateboard accessories. There are also many other websites that sell Sector 9 skateboards and other skateboard manufacturers’ products, such as Zoo York skateboard decks.

Sector 9 longboards are assembled with the following components:

1. Deck – Longboard decks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In general, the longboard shape accommodates larger wheels and a longer wheelbase.

2. Truck – Trucks provide the turning mechanism and the wheel mounts for the longboard. A skateboard truck includes a baseplate, which is bolted to the skateboard deck, and the hanger, or axle.

3. Riser pads – Riser pads are plastic pads positioned between the truck and the deck. They help protect the deck from damage caused by the truck and also provide more space between the top of the wheels and the underside of the deck.

4. Bearings – Bearings connect the truck and the wheels and allow the wheels to rotate smoothly.

5. Wheels – Longboard wheels are larger than regular skateboard wheels and typically between 65 and 85 millimeters in diameter.

Check out the Sector 9 longboards online or at a skateboard shot and ride with pride!