Shark Fishing Gear List

Shark Fishing Gear

Shark fishing is an exhilarating experience that will leave the angler with a time they will never forget. In order to be successful in your venture you must plan properly and know which type of shark you are going to hunt. The first step in your preparation for fishing is to equip with the correct shark fishing gear.

Shark fishing gear may depend on how you go fishing. If you go deep-sea fishing in Key West some of their deep sea fishing charters may provide shark fishing gear others may not. If they don’t one of the first steps is to determine your test line weight. This is extremely important because if you have the incorrect test you will find it will be insufficient to bring the shark in and this will lead to a huge disappointment. According to Fisherman’s Outfitter’s website, you want to use at least an 80lb test line as this should be enough should you encounter a shark. This may change if you encounter larger sharks, however; in most areas this weight should be sufficient.

Selecting the correct lure is a necessary component to your shark fishing equipment. Some are for a specific shark in mind like the Mako Madness, which is for Mako shark hunting. Say you are going deep sea fishing in San Diego; you will likely encounter different sharks there than say you would off the coast of Rhode Island. As a result, it’s important to have the proper lure, as the wrong one will yield no results.

The correct rod and reel are vital pieces to your shark fishing gear. For rods you are likely going to go with a spinning rod or bait cast according to Naples-Marco-Islands’ website. The website also recommends anglers go for the micro fiber reel. Though they are more expensive their durability more than makes up for the cost.

There are many areas to purchase your shark gear. You can stop by your local sporting goods store or visit online retailers like Fisherman Outfitter’s website. In addition, if you have any questions make sure to ask the charter you’ll be going on or an experienced angler as they can give you tips they have learned from their experience.

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