Single Speed Mountain Bike Pros And Cons

Single Speed Mountain Bike

So you own a single speed mountain bike or are thinking of buying one? Most single speed mountain bikes are durable and can withstand even the toughest of terrains. There are mountain biking tips however, that should be considered before you purchase a single speed mountain bike, or a kids mountain bike. Here are the pros and cons of purchasing a single speed mountain bikes.


-These kinds of bikes are typically faster than their normal bike riding counterparts.

-Single speeds tend to be more efficient in their speed, making it faster for the individual riding the mountain bike to pedal. With these types of mountain bikes the drive train and chain go through a straight line without have to go around a pulley.

-The mountain bike tires are sturdy and robust enough to endure most weights on the single speed mountain bike.

– Usually require minimum maintenance.

-The rear wheels on single speeds tend to be stronger adding additional strength to the overall mountain bike ride.

-With these types of bikes, one does not have to worry or be concerned with shifting into various gears.


-One usually needs to be athletically or have a more complex fitness awareness to ride a single speed mountain bike.

-For the bonafide biker, single speeds do not tend to add any kind of zest to the sport itself.

-Can be quite demanding to ride a single speed sometimes in extreme weather conditions, despite the sturdiness of the bike itself.

-Sometimes multi geared mountain bikes are preferred since with single speed the amount of pedaling needed to be done can be underestimated.

-The maintenance even though relatively low can be taxing due to the fact that mud and other debris can often clog the important components of the single speed mountain bike and mountain bike riding.

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