Ski Pole Baskets

Ski Pole Baskets Replacement Tips

Ski pole baskets are located at the bottom of your ski pole, and it is common for this part to break or become damaged and need to be replaced. This can be done very easily when you are aware of some of the tips that can help make this process quick and simple. Whether you have Leki ski poles or another type you can use the same replacement baskets, because they are normally universal. When replacing ski pole baskets hot water can make a quick job of this project. You will need a container which is large enough for the basket to fit into.

Place the basket in the container and add enough water to cover it completely, whether you have Alpine ski poles or another brand. Remove the water and heat it to boiling, and then pour it back into the container. Pour the boiling water over the ski pole baskets and let them soak for around forty five seconds. This is necessary even if you are changing the basket on downhill ski poles. Because it softens the basket so it can be removed easier. Now you can use a towel to pull the basket completely off the pole, so that the replacement basket can be installed.

This will work on any type of pole, including Scott ski poles. After the basket is removed you will need to mark the location, and use a glue stick on the poles so the new replacement ski pole baskets can be attached. The hot water loosens up the old glue and helps clean the surface, so that the new basket adheres well. Cross country ski poles and other types will require basket replacement routinely, and knowing which methods work best can save you a lot of time, and possibly some expense as well.