Slide and Fly with Tensor Trucks!

Tensor Trucks

Tensor Trucks is a manufacturer of skateboarding trucks. Rodney Mullen, one of the best professional skateboarders around, founded the company in 2000. One good thing about the trucks that they sell is that they have different trucks available for different wheels’ sizes. The Lo trucks are best for skateboards with wheels that are 52mm or lower in diameter. The Mid trucks work well for wheels that are 54mm or smaller; whereas, Hi trucks are used for 58mm or smaller wheels.

The Tensor Lo Trucks are designed to lessen the wiggling of skateboards. If you are a technical skater like Rodney Mullen or Daewon Song, these types of trucks will definitely work well with your skateboard decks. These trucks have low kingpins that prevent skateboards from snagging. The Tensor Mid Trucks allow you the quickest and the lightest turning. Just like the Lo Trucks, they have lo kingpins as well. On the other hand, the Tensor Hi Trucks provide the most stability among the 3 truck sizes. These trucks have the biggest kingpin clearance, as well as the thickest barrel. You can feel the strongest and smoothest grinding with these attached to your skateboard decks.

Now that you know the available trucks’ sizes available for your skateboards’ wheels, Tensor Trucks boasts to be one of the makers of the lightest skateboard trucks in the market today. Tensor Trucks has this truck line that they call “Response Trucks.” Response Trucks are 11% lighter than the ordinary/average trucks available in the market today. When attached to your skateboard deck, it gives you that responsive turning that you need most when performing skateboarding tricks. These trucks are available in Lo and Mid sizes. If you think that Response Trucks are still a little heavier to you, then get the “Tensor Magnesium Trucks” instead. These trucks are what Tensor calls as the “lighter than light” trucks. They are made of Magnesium alloy that makes them 25% lighter than normal trucks available in the market. These trucks give your wheels and skateboards that smooth grinding without compromising durability. “Tensor Magnesium Trucks” are also available in Lo and Mid sizes.

If trucks’ weight is not much of a concern to you, Tensor Trucks still have those standard skateboard trucks available to you. The Tensor Slider trucks have more durable slider pieces that enable you to sustain your slides. They also have stable interlocking bushing for less wheel bite. They are also available in Lo and Mid sizes.

Aside from making lightweight, yet durable, trucks, Tensor Trucks are available in different colors and designs that you can choose from. Pimp your skateboard with a dope pair of trucks. For sure, you do not want some dull trucks to go with your nice-looking skateboard decks and wheels. All Tensor Trucks are available in different cool designs. You can choose from plain colors to wicked colorful designs. If you are a Mullen or a Song fan, check out the Pro Trucks. Pro Trucks are signature designs that bear the name of your favorite skateboarder. Pro Trucks designs are available in Slider and Response Trucks.

So, whether you are a newbie or a pro skater, perfect your tricks and grinds with a pair of Tensor Trucks. Know how it feels to slide in the air!

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