Snorkeling in Bahamas Review – Top 10 Places!

Snorkeling in Bahamas

The Bahamas is a beautiful vacationing spot consisting of islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. An ideal place for basking in the sunsets and beautiful beaches, tourists and residents often take up the activity of snorkeling in this relaxing destination. Snorkeling in Bahamas allows one to disconnect from life’s stresses while exploring the underwater aquatics that nature provides. Every year, people flock to do some snorkeling in Bahamas as a part of their snorkeling vacation. Called another peaceful place to swim through the waters in addition to Florida Keys snorkeling, snorkeling in Bahamas allows for pure excitement as the individuals can see the white sandy bottoms of the ocean floor sparkle. Due to the magical and scenic delight that snorkeling guarantees, the choice becomes where to snorkel.

Here are ten places that offer a tremendous snorkeling experience.

1. Grand Bahama Island – get out your snorkeling gear and engage in the rich marine life. Explore Ben’s cave and the extensive corals in the clear waters found here.

2. Bimini – swim in a sea of spotted dolphins in this imaginative snorkeler’s domain. Snorkeling gurus boast that the rocks of Bimini were once a part of the mystical Atlantis.

3. Elbow Cay – luxury and exceptional visibility provide a rejuvenating offering with this snorkeling in Bahamas adventure. It is recommended to visit Mermaid Beach, which is one of the Bahamas glamorous beaches.

4. Stocking Island – celebrated for its snorkeling, this island attracts the beginner and advanced for its underwater caves that dance with vivid colors and exceptional exploration.

5. New Providence and Paradise Island – one of the Bahamas more well-known places to investigate, embrace your inner snorkel passion in these remarkable caves and underwater areas.

6. San Salvador – relatively undiscovered by snorkelers, this South Bahamas island is the prime place to explore what the waters have to offer.

7. Long Island – providing dramatic waves as the sunlight beams on the crystal clear waters, this island contains some of the Bahamas most unique areas of exploration making this an exciting snorkeling opportunity.

8. Cat Island – known for its shallow reefs, Cat Island, is an ample island for exploration and some of the best Caribbean snorkeling ever.

9. Abacos – this island is captivating for its shallow wrecks, deep systems to explore and shark villages for the snorkeler to explore beneath the pristine glistening power of the sun.

10. Exuma – boasting one of the thickest concentrations of reefs that the Bahamas has to offer, shimmer through the waters here for and out of this world voyage through the colorful fish.

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