Snorkeling in Key West From Shore – 5 Best Locations!

Snorkeling in Key West

Florida remains one of the most popular places for snorkelers. Snorkelers are constantly seeking out areas where from shore that will give them an adequate aquatic adventure. To fully enjoy the entertaining aquatic life swimming in the clear blue waters, it is essential for the snorkeler have the right kind of snorkeling gear before chartering on their under the sea voyage. Snorkel fins, mask and proper vest are to be purchased prior to any snorkeling in Key West or snorkeling in Florida.

Casual snorkeling in Key West is easy to do, but most snorkel aficionados prefer to explore what nature has to offer beneath the pristine views offshore. Many companies provide tours of areas that can be explored for a reasonable fee. Some snorkelers have had the opportunity to fish and dolphin spot during their charters.

There are many places where one can go snorkeling in Key West that include:

1. Fort Taylor State park – a tropical oasis, Fort Taylor has depths that do not tend to exceed 20 feet but cuts the middleman process that other Florida Keys snorkeling areas have.

2. The Sand Key – another popular place for snorkeling in Key West. The sea creatures that reside here are groupers and sea turtles to name a few. Sand Key is a small island within a nominal distance from the Florida shores.

3. Rock Key – a glamorous sea spectacle close to Sand Key often finds itself inhabited by tour boats. A snorkeler can get within the nooks here as they view the sea life that enjoys the closeness of coral reef living.

4. Key West Marine Park – designated by the tourist attractions nearby and the vivid colors that emanate from the waters, Key West Marine Park is populated heavily by all types of sea creatures, this is another popular area for snorkelers to dazzle their eyes.

5. Fort Zachary Taylor State Park – known for its rich Civil War history, a snorkeler can get an education while moving through the waves against the backdrop of the Florida sunlight. Each of these snorkeling areas allow for parasailing in Key West also.

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